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Monday, August 29, 2005


I'd like to thank the people who are sending a dollor or two to help me and my wife and baby out.
Even a dollor helps..and it beats me having to stand on the freeway offramp before work. :)

Friday, August 26, 2005

Power ranger bootleg

Picked this giant robot at my favorite bootleg store.
Says "time rangers" and looks to be a power rangers knockoff.
The plastic is sorta so so and the paintjob is ok.
It's about 13 inchs high and is from one of those companies that package them on a card thats like 2 foot by 3 foot.
It was only $1.98 so i could not pass it up at the time.

Bootleg Arcee

Found this one at a local discount store and prolly looked like a fool jumping when I saw it.
I had seen pictures over this last year of others finding it in a different type of package.
but I never thought I would find one.
It's a pretty nice toy , it's about 4 to 5 times the size of the real one and even has a lightup chest and all the weapons like the original.


Having a break from the stress of the last month Wife being fired(see last post)/truck breaking down/wife sick/other various things I have decided to take a quick break and avoid some stress and post a few pictures.
I figured what else am I gonna do. :/ We paid rent with my last paycheck and paid half the bills with my most recent one so and the cable is off so I have a little time being is 11pm. :)
Walmart is fighting unemployment and welfare said we have to wait a month to try and get food stamps..argggg so with our food money we got the baby her formula and jars of baby food and diapers to make sure she had everything she needed for the next month at least..I feel like I'm on the the show Big Brother with all the peanut butter sandwiches I have been eating. hehehe
ok well here are some new pics of some of the things I got before all this happend.


P.s. sorry if I sound like I am complaining or anything..but lots of the "friends" I had at work don't talk to me know because they are afraid walmart will fire them if they do, so I havent really talked to anyone but my wife for a few weeks and I tend to ramble.

Accepting donations of food or money!!!!!!!!!!! email figmentmusic@earthlink.com for the address.

ok. on with the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

The evils of Walmart

Hey all..you may have noticed there are no new posts.

Good new is that we got our car back, The police found it after it had been sitting for a week at a bar.

Bad news is that the other day my wife was accused of stealing $100 dollors from her register as a cashier at Walmart.
She of course did not steal it. But there has been alot of many missing from lots of cashiers and it is obvious that it is someone in managment or someone in the accounting office doing it.
But they decided to start scareing people by Forceing my wife to resign from her job. and Had a police officer tell her that if she didn't sign the paper claiming she took the money he was takeing her to jail and then she would goto prison for a year. (highly unlikely).

So we are talking with a lawyer about sueing Walmart themselves, sueing the police officer for intimidation and sueing the loss prevention manager for allowing the officer to force her to sign the addmission of theft form. Being he allowed the officer to go against Walmart own policy (#LP-11) that states "An associate cannot be forced, nor is he/she required to sign or fill out the "statement of addmision to theft" form. The associate may be asked to do so ,and if they volutarily agree, it must be done in the presence of two witneesses."
Normaly when someone who works there steals from the store they are banned from any walmart for LIFE!...but the manager told her she could come in anytime and shop if she liked?!?!?!?!?!
If you havent guessed by now.. she was setup.
About 3 weeks ago her ass. manager told her if she didnt goto part time and take a cut in pay she would be let go..my wife said she would not. so about a week and a half later this happens. pretty strange don't ya think?

Thier plan at ours and many other stores is to get rid of everyone who is getting alot of hourly pay and replace them with new low paying jobs.
Walmart started a union type payscale about a year or so ago they pays differint pay for differint jobs. My wife was working at the service desk (level 4) and before her 4 other service desk people were fired for various things and replced with a rotating group of workers from the floor (levels 1 and 2) so they are getting 1 to 3 less a hour that they would if they were getting the pay they should for working the job they were doing.
My trouble is i still work there as well as her mother. so for the past few days I have been getting stares from the management and workers who only know they she doesnt work there.
And my wife was told that if me or my mother-in-law say a word about it we would be terminated.
I am looking for a new job in the morning and am going to stop going into work.

my wife and have put up with way to much crap from Walmart over the 4+ years we have worked there.

The heartache of seeing friends get "laid-off" right before christmas so thier sales look better.

People fired because the refuse to work in 4 areas due to managment not hireing new people when other workers quit.

manager having flings with workers and nothing happens.(other than they get more rasies and promoted)

There are so many things i could go into about the lawbreaking things they do Working off the clock/discrimination(sex and race) but i have to goto work.

I just ask you to not buy anything from Walmart.

P.s. updates will probly resume after she finds a new job being we are really going to be struggling with the baby and trying to keep up on rent and car payments and bills.
If this site is not updated within a month. It meens we lost our house and are homeless and living in my truck..it's ok it's rather roomy.

Wish us luck! Thanks for all the great email friends i have made from this new site.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

New Astroboy bootleg

Picked this up today..this is a very nice bootleg. Good packaging and the figure itself is very nice.
I was hoping they had the Astroboy one but they only had Atlas.

Also ..sorry for the non daily updates..been busy with work and someone stole my wifes car on sunday from the parking lot at work and the police haven't found it yet. :(
But when i get a extra minute or two i'll add new things.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Request for more Spiderman/Transformers pics

got lots of requests for more pics of the bootleg Spidey/Transformers set.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Strange Power ranger cycle and figure

Picked this up at a dollor store today.
I got it because the bike reminded me of the one in the anime "Akira" and when i picked it up i noticed the figure inside was a Power ranger knockoff.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Raptor Storm

Here's a Power Ranger figure i picked up at the dollor store.
The plastic looks to be somewhat cheap on this one.

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